Northampton's Siderian pay no heed to musical trends and fads, favouring massive riffs and vicious vocals welded to their signature groove. Having spent some time nailing their sound and line-up, the band entered Initiate Audio and Media Studios in late 2018 to lay down an album ('Origins') that delivers on their promise of making everything as heavy, fast and harsh as possible without compromising on the need for memorable songs. The nine-track debut album was released independently in June 2019, the band having turned down offers from several labels to forge their own path. Having spent little time on the road in 2018/19, the live machine will be exploding across the country in 2020 adding to previous shows with the likes of Vader, Shields, Krysthla, Jonestown, Lifer, Wars, and Warlord UK.

Dave Pope - Vocals

James Upton - Guitar

Ian Hopper - Guitar

John Booth - Drums

Chris Cox - Bass