“‘Origins’ is nine songs of turbulent, impassioned metal…Without question this album elevates Siderian into the big league of quality heavier thrash in the UK - 10/10” - Metallum Sub Terra

“The UK underground scene is on fire at the moment and it’s thanks to the likes of Siderian that we can be so proud. 9/10”

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Strap-in for sickeningly fast grooves and dark technical riffs from the first to the last track…‘Origins’ is going to feature on the heaviest and most extreme playlists in 2019 so don’t get left without a copy.” - Birmingham Live Bands


“This album simply erupted from the speakers and continued to smack me around the face for the entire 41 minutes” - Musipedia of Metal


“Ripping through the tunes like an 18-wheeler ram raiding a nearby Tesco...If you don’t go and listen to this then you’re missing out.” - Heaps of Metal


“Siderian blend a mix of groove and black metal to create a harsh, but headbang-inducing barrage of riffs, screams and shredding drums” – Rifftastic


“Front to back, the band do not let up in the sonic brutality and it’s enough to necessitate safety precautions prior to listening” – The Independent Voice